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What is the Best way to be ready for your session? 

Clothes that can get dirty! We do our best to keep you spotless, it sometimes things happen. We recommend bringing nicer clothes for after your session if you want to spruce up for your after photos! New bio pic anyone?!

What is best to wear for my photos? 

Neutral colors, nothing super high contrast, and your best smile!

How can I pay ?

No cash / after pay / all cards are accepted 

Do I need to wash my hair? 

YES - it is best and most efficient if we are starting with clean hair. We cut dry and wet, so being able to not have to add in another wash and dry saves us time and you money. 
It’s also best to apply color to clean hair for best results. 

Can I bring my kids? 

Sadly no. We are a small boutique salon, and there are chemicals, hot tools, and breakable items everywhere. It’s too much to ask of them to be still and quiet for hours. Set up a sitter and focus on you momma! 

What does it mean to join the MVMNT? 

It means choosing you. At MVMNT Salon we are committed to helping you discover your brand of beautiful. We are here to empower you to embrace the real you and bring the inside out. 

The pre consult form is actually pretty important- 

We book hourly, so that means we need to have a pretty firm idea of what the goal is before we reserve your session. Also, it helps us get you with the best stylist for your goals! 

Can I get a refund if I don’t like my hair? 

No. We consult extensively and only move forward if we are on the same page. We do offer complimentary correction services if we do end up missing the mark. But it’s important to note: you not liking what you chose on you, isn’t the same thing as the stylist messing up. 
Our offer is also void if you go to another salon or do something to it at home before you come back in. It has to be our work we are correcting, not someone else’s. 

Where are you located? 

On 51st between Harvard and Yale. 
We share a main parking lot with Big Whiskey and Collab coffee. There is also an overflow parking lot behind arvest on vandalia. We are suite 108, next to mid city and wild point creative. 

What is the best way to book? 

I’m trying to reach the salon, what’s the best way? 

Text / email / DM. 
We are all at the salon at different times, and usually with a client. We rarely are able to answer the phone. Texts are checked regularly, and the email is checked multiple times a day, as are DMs! 

Do I have to put a card on file? 

What if I need to reschedule? 

To avoid fees, you must reschedule 48 hours / 2 days in advance. For a same day or no show, you are charged 100% of your scheduled session. 

I really want to tip my stylist - but you don’t accept tips when I pay, what can I do?